The Momentum Project is about the persistent journey for growth and better, the journey of a life that we aspire to live as successful and thoroughly enjoyed. Here, you will find the stories of what it takes to make a better life. Whatever your version of the next step is, this space is about the support, best practices, and resources we all need to find along the way. Follow my own real, personal journey as I navigate through all this. My focus is on three aspects that influence the quality of life:

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No Man No

Dealing with people lately has been one frustrating ordeal after another for the last few weeks. On the personal side, fighting around me is making me sad and inflexibility from others is pushing me to the edge of my easygoing nature. Professionally, people have just not lived up to the essence of that word; the… Continue reading →

How to Live a Day

Momentum…The reason I love this word and used it in the title is that this is what makes us. The momentum built of what we do everyday regularly in our lives. It is our habits and lifestyle choices that determine what becomes of us more than anything else. I have been trying bit by bit… Continue reading →

Mutter Paneer

Flavourful. Reasonably healthy. Quick and easy to make. Mutter paneer is a traditional and much loved, vegetarian Indian recipe. You have likely come across it before. Well, here is my homemade attempt to make it without any cream or butter or precise recipe.

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