In the blank isolation of a hotel room between flights, I found a great time to make a list of all the reasons why I launched this project and why it is so important to me. The list is lost somewhere in my luggage now but the exercise was good for me. All these answers are what I need to remember often and use as motivation.

I want to do this…

Because I am not doing okay.
Because status quo does not feel like a good fit.
Because even at the best of times, status quo is not a place to settle down permanently.
Because I know I can do better than where I am at now and I want to push for that best version of myself.
Because many of the issues I identify in my life are fixable.
Because I am tired of being a procrastinator and always a few steps behind my own life.
Because I have goals for family, entrepreneurship, and new experiences.
Because according to Jack Canfield’s Success Principle #1, life’s outcomes are made up of events and actions. But with actions, I can deliver a lot of power.
Because I need to learn about the other 63 principles in the book.
Because I am fed up with seeing problems in the world and being told that I must tell myself I cannot do anything about them or they are not mine to fix.
Because while I cannot do everything, I can do something.
Because I appreciate the good in people and want to protect and encourage it.
Because the feeling that comes with a sense of purpose and a plan to apply it…that feeling is awesome.
Because there are people that I care about and want to see them happy and successful.
Because I believe that happiness is attainable, especially without perfection.
Because doing this is not going to be easy but well worth it.
Because I want to share the journey with like-minded people.

Thank you for reading.

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