Scaling the Temple of Heaven

Puzzles are relaxing and challenging. They are not Netflix or movies. They keep my mind occupied well, challenge me in a different way than the spreadsheets on the job, and also test my motor skills in a different capacity than the keyboard and mouse I am constantly using. If you ask me, adults need more acitivites like this in their lives, to do both solo and with family/friends. Yes, we all say we are too tired after work and chores but it is a really relaxing and soothing exercise, mentally and physically (like reading which I also advocate for heavily). Feels so good after.

I have been wanting to find some good puzzles to work on for a while but I did not get a chance to go shopping and browse around for something that got me excited. My brother moved out a few months ago and I was looking around his room for some papers but found this instead. I got super excited and thought it was meant to be.

The picture on top of the package. The entire puzzle is nicely packaged into five wooden sheets of legal paper size about 1 inch thick.

I sent my brother this picture, asked him if I could have it (with full intention of taking it no matter what the response) and started working on it the same day. I love those wonderful moments where the universe hands me what I have been wanting. It just sets the mood right; for a forgetful person like me, it is most often money or candy that I misplaced somewhere for a pleasant surprise in the future. I accept these situations quite happily but this is also why I need more brain exercise so here I was, unable to focus on anything but the puzzle.

The undisturbed sheets inside the package. It did not stay this way for very long.
As you can see from the background of a mouse and keyboard, I am at my desk ignoring my work and addicted to the puzzle instead. Progress in one day.
All the pieces are very masterfully fit into the wooden sheets without wasting too much space. Poke poke poking them all out was the first step and easy matching to erect the first floor of the structure. Also, you see I kept all the little tabs that came out of the puzzle pieces.
A layout of all the sheets the puzzle comes with. We are supposed to find two pieces with “joints” (I am not sure what they should rightfully be called) that belong together, identified by having the same number: area 25 on one piece matches with area 25 of another piece. They don’t overdo it with the instructions.
The base in progress: this was the hardest part of the puzzle as it just would not stay together and the pieces weren’t quite as fit as meant to be. This wasn’t a surprise as the puzzle was less than $10 cost. They recommended glue as needed but I just didn’t want to get into that mess.
I work from home so have much more flexibility and less supervision than I should really be allowed I think. Again here, ignoring work so I have the base completed and well on my way to making the roof of the first level.
Getting taller. If you look closely into the windows, you may note that I made this temple home to the collection of tiny tabs that came out of each piece. Why? I am not sure it is something I can even explain to myself.
I lost a piece. Can you see where? It was taunting me so badly. After I reached the top level, I peeked inside and there was the missing piece of roof. I had to disassemble a bit and fish it out to fill the gap as it should have been.
Almost there…
Done! The majestic temple of heaven stands complete in all its glory.

This took me less than two hours over three days. I always felt like I was stealing time from work or making dinner or some errand. I want to give more time to activities like this as a priority. I shouldn’t feel bad about not doing something with “productive” results. Hobbies like this actually have the capacity of long-term benefit to make me more energetic, effective and efficient.

It is sad how I enjoyed this and when I read a good book, I reminisce these activities as fun from my childhood. Why is the role of adults to always be busy and hustling or too tired to do anything? I entered the working world with so much excitement for adulting and ambition to impact the organizations I work for and the people around me. The rat race just sneaks into your minds and morphs these attitudes into something so exhausting and demotivating.

I derailed a bit. But one little puzzle really did bring all that to me. So, here is to doing things that make us happy and valued and complete and of healthy body and mind.

Next Steps

  • Find a proper place to put the complete structure in the house.
  • Plan some recreational activities. Explore different options for new experiences or relaxing and rejuvenating mind and body.
  • Prioritize adequate time for these in my week.

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4 thoughts on “Scaling the Temple of Heaven

  1. Holy moly! Talk about perfect timing to find this little project. I’m glad the universe gave you what you needed.

    Do you do puzzles often? I haven’t done them since I was a kid. 3D puzzles like this look way too intimidating for my short attention span!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t get the chance between work and home to just sit and enjoy activities like this. Same with reading and I am very sad about that. I did a puzzle after a long time and I am so glad I did. It really isn’t as complicated as it looks. I have an incredibly short attention span but this really caught my interest. I am going to make more time; the last time I remembering spending time on a puzzle was as a kid, there was a huge blackout in the city and there was no TV or anything.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was my first time with a 3D puzzle and not so challenging. Once I figured out the step for next layer, it was just repeating the same around the circular structure. The base would fit in a dinner plate. I wouldn’t mind a bigger one that takes me a month or so. But if I make this a habit I will probably make the puzzles, take them apart and donate because I do not have room for all the completed results. It might also be fun to not do it alone next time.

      Liked by 1 person

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