Becoming More

Today, I read a list of goals that I made for myself 3 years ago. Yes, I did achieve some of them but 10% success rate is not something I want to give myself a pat on the back for. No, my list of goals was not unreasonably out of reach. I also revisited something I read a long time ago that personifies my results and a story of how many people can live out their lives without question or ambition. A faraway, vague dream to achieve something amazing is not enough.

To move beyond this sad cycle, I need to set my mind on a dream and how to achieve it and go through that everyday. EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Next StepsDaily

  1. Remember what I want to do and why. Give that reflection some time.
  2. Keep preparing and making myself stronger (sometimes that can just mean taking a break to rejuvenate).
  3. Take action to move myself forward – big or small but always for better. (25 minutes at a time. Find out how.)
  4. Reading books and blogs and writing my own.
  5. Monitor, document and celebrate the progress.

Click here to learn more about The Momentum Project.

6 thoughts on “Becoming More

  1. I must confess this post can kick the life back into any fagged and weary Soul. A highly refreshing trigger of inspiration. Trust me I’ll be back for more. Great thanks for sharing. I enjoyed every sentence of this truly spectacular post!


    1. Your comment certainly made my day. Thank you! Keep up your motivation and initiative. You are doing a great thing promoting people to come together. The world really needs more of that

      Liked by 1 person

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