Enter Head First

The experts have spoken. It is the mantra, the secret, the mindset, the principle, the truth. By whatever name you choose to implement it, this is the first step to the happiness and success you want.

This idea has been floating in my head since I started reading a book last month, Habit Changers by M. J. Ryan. The 81 mantras that are referred to on the front page are situation specific. There is a meditative sentence for what ever you need to remember and apply in your specific scenario: health, career, relationships etc. You can pick the one or few most relevant to your challenges. They have to be implemented one at a time and reiterated constantly. That persistence and single-minded focus is the key part of the concept.

What we think and occupy our minds with consistently, that is what we manifest in our reality. And we can determine what that should be “mindfully”. Moreover, I think this is the very solution to the persistent problem I see in many aspects of my life: I lose steam and my efforts and commitment tapers off. I lose sight of what I am aiming for. I don’t want to keep zigzagging my way through life. Any achievements will not reflect my best potential and commitment and I will always wonder how much better I could really have done (I already wonder sometimes).
Today was one of those lucky days where my motivation was up. I was working hard but also annoyed with the “blah” efforts of the past few days. Thinking about them leaves me with regret and annoyance. Awful, awful feelings.

When I first read this book, I loved the idea of a mantra that could bring more discipline into my efforts. I realized that, in their own words, all the experts are really selling us the same idea; really every recipe for success has this ingredient. It is not a coincidence and their track records say a lot too. So, I decided to do some research and pulled every self improvement and motivation book off my shelf. Flipping through the pages, I found this. The idea comes up early on in everyone’s advice and journey. It really is critical and one of the first achievements we need to conquer for better mindsets, awareness, and lifestyles.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne: This is a summary of the very first chapter.
One among many quotes gathered by Rhonda Byrne. Our thoughts make us who we are and we need to make more of them. Both conscious and unconscious are influential so I think with effort we can bring about more of them consciously to be our chosen words to live by.
An except from the manual I received during the Dale Carnegie course last year: The theme of the course really enforces concepts of how we perceive and interact with the world. There are many tips for being stronger, more active, a good communicator, optimistic etc. Like seeking courage and confidence here, the recipe is “begin right now thinking thoughts…”
Another great excerpt from my course manual: the first tip on the list for more peace and happiness is to change thoughts. We are what we fill our minds with.
First six principles from the table of contents in The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. All this good has to happen in your head to create more good things in your life.
Ambition is important to me. I feel it but I need a more detailed vision in my head.
“You gotta believe”!! Napoloen Hill was also added to my booksheld recently. Looking forward to reading it.
101 Simple Truths for a Better Life by Humble the Poet and many of the truths are about what is going on within our own head, the thoughts and perceptions we keep.

I think I have made my point. This is important! So, now what? I read Habit Changers, chose a sentence, forgot it two days later, and the cycle started there. Work hard, lose steam, move on, try again, work hard, lose steam… Stop, stop! I am so tired of this.


Basically, my mindset and ambitions have to keep a slot occupied in my working memory and be a part of everything I am doing. But it is so easy to get swept up in the day, typing away numbers or bingewatching Netflix. And then I forget and fade. Basically, I need to be reminded and reminded again until keeping the mindset and ambitions at the top of my mind becomes second nature. By that, I don’t mean I will remember my ambitions and hence keep hustling all the time. No, I deserve down time too but then I want to sit and enjoy dinner, time out with friends or a movie while also entertaining a feeling of satisfaction that the rest of my day/week was productive, relaxation is earned, and I am well prepared for the road ahead.

Next Steps
I want to find the best mantra what I need to hear and think right now. I want to remind myself what I want, why, and to keep up momentum. I also have to think of ideas to keep this in front of me or ingrained in my head really well.
What would be your mantra? How will you remind yourself to live by it?

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16 thoughts on “Enter Head First

        1. Yes, their course does a lot of activities around the concepts covered and it was interesting to hear the stories presented by other participants in class on what people worry about and have conquered. I sitll have to read the book to build on what the course says in more detail and be able to apply it for myself more effectively. What is the principle which stands out as most relevant for your own life?

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            1. It is too easy to get lost in those and be held back by our fears. I want to believe especially that the past does not prescribe a recipe for my future. That I can make an effort to take it in different directions.
              A good book to complement after Dale Carnegie is The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. I am working through it slowly to work the principles.

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            1. Thanks for checking them out! What you’ve shared in your recent post about mindset is the exact idea I had when making those coloring books. The idea of really making positive thoughts stick. It’s a different approach. For the last few years I’ve filled journals with positive messages to myself. I love it.

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            2. I think we all have to figure out a method that helps us retain the positive thoughts and our goals in our minds so that we live by them. I have been journaling a lot recently too and it is a great habit that I hope to maintain.

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