What You Can Find Here

Hello everyone! Checking in 6 months and 20 posts into the launch of this idea, The Momentum Project. We are just getting starting and this has a long way to go, to bigger and better. Thank you for your support and engagement. Your comments, insightful and encouraging, just make my day. They make sure I never forget why I am doing this.

I just wanted to recap on my journey since starting this to re-energize myself and let you know what you can find here.

Three ways you can follow my progress and sharing:

  • Celebrating the good things is very important. It makes me feel good and I can keep building my momentum more easily with a positive attitude. It serves as a reminder for what I have already accomplished and all the things I still intend to do, always a work-in-progress perspective. Also, I don’t want to just share posts and thoughts but instead, as much as possible, I want this project to be a reflection of what I can actually manifest in my life with growth. What are your key goals and dreams and how do you keep them in sight? Check out my personal progress page here.
  • Knowledge is growing every second. Its abundance is an opportunity but also a challenge. The internet is such a vast place with some amazing resources available right at our fingertips. We have an endless choice of books, movies, and other media. How do you manage it all? I refer to my growing list of resources and readings and looking to build. Please share recommendation for your favourites.
  • Follow the Instagram page for more tidbits and day to day. This platform is a powerful tool to connect that I am just starting to learn about.

A lot more fun and heart goes into writing the posts and I try to grow a bit with each one. The feats I am most proud of:

Enter Head First and How to Live a Day: My mindset and lifestyle both need work. Bit by bit, I know I will get there. Armed with a strong mantra and purpose, supported by a healthy and productive lifestyle, I will be prepared to conquer!

Becoming More: I absolutely love this comic strip. We can all relate to it at some level. Every time I read it (many, many times), I see myself and my dreams and know that I don’t want to regret in my future that I never attempted to achieve my dreams.

Just Penciling It Down: My best improvement yet is to journal about the progress of my day. It has become a habit I actually look forward to. One day soon, I feel like I will be ready to go back and read and reflect on it as well.

25 Minutes: The timer is running as I work on this post. This is my way of discipline and focus. I have yet to study all the science and testing behind this productivity technique but I can say for sure that this helps me.

Discipline Equals Freedom: One of my earliest posts, this contains excerpts from some powerful advice I came across in a very compelling book. A strong motivational lecture I need to hear often.

Click here to learn more about The Momentum Project.

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