5 Big Qs to Ask Yourself and Others

To begin with the good news, I finally started reading a book! And I did my reading while doing exercise! It was a super half hour for me today as I have been trying to build both activities into my regular habits for a long while. The book that stood out as the one to get me going is called How to Become a Really Good Pain in the Ass by Christopher Dicarlo.

I am still reading the introduction and doubting if the narrative has a good rhythm for me but I love the idea behind the book. I do love to ask questions and indulge in powerful, thought provoking discussion with a little discomfort and discovery. I need it to understand and push my own beliefs and boundaries and to get to know others in ways that matter more.

The book does take us through a process of evolution not just for how we communicate such critical and complex ideas but how we should reach into ourselves to question and adapt. There are 5 key questions that we need to answer. The book helps to develop and scrutinize the answers but it strongly recommends, and I agreed, that vague and poor as they might be, I needed to document some answers before moving forward in the path the book wants readers to follow.

So, here goes my attempt to answer some difficult foundational questions!


What can I know?

Always more, never everything! A favourite quote of mine shared by a friend:

As our circle of knowledge expand, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it.

Albert Einstein

I want to learn more about many things: business, philosophy, psychology, history, technology, and get to understand as much of our world and what is beyond it.

Why am I here?

Science and religion have their own answer, one assigning much more significance to my existence than the other. My perspective is somewhere in between. Just focusing on my sense of consciousness, I realize what an incredible thing it really is. Was I placed here for a special, profound reason? I will have to dwell on that a bit more.

What am I?

Body. Soul. One of many human beings in the world. But not insignificant. That’s not being too generous to myself; I don’t believe anyone is insignificant. They may choose to be impactful in their lives or not though. Back to me, I am an evolving personality and trying to get that to align more everyday to what I really want to be. Getting more basic, I am a young woman who likes food, hates shopping, and dreams of entrepreneurship.

How should I behave?

With kindness, compassion, self preservation, confidence, ethics, and purpose. Set an example to be a person I can be proud of and happy with. This seems to the answer I am most sure of here.

What is to come of me?

Hmm, I am trying to picture my future self but that could be anything. I am having a phase where I feel a bit lost so the image is more blank than usual. On a better day, I want to work towards making what comes of me something great. It might be very different from what I imagine and work towards but that is okay.

How would you answer any of these questions? Please share.

Next Steps

  • Finish reading the book.
  • Redo the answers.

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