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I love to read blogs as much as I love to keep this one. Sharing and picking up on new ideas and engaging in discussion makes the blogging world go round. Taking inspiration from my first blog, I decided to do routine posts again sharing some powerful words from fellow bloggers that inspired me this week and keep me going back for more. Check out the excerpts below and make sure to click on the links to see the author’s full blog post and explore more of their work.

I’m not an optimist. I’m not a pessimist. I’m not a realist. I’m not even a nihilist.

I’m an absurdist.

Everything about the lives we lead is…absurd.

That you spend 40 hours a week for 40+ years grinding your brains and bodies to dust just to earn one man another Lamborghini he’ll drive twice a year? Absurd.

5 Lessons to Carry into my 2020s, The Corpus of Life

If we had to think about all the things we want to accomplish in a lifetime, or a year or even a month, it gets be extremely overwhelming.
At one time in my life I used to be frozen with fear and anxiety when I would think about projects I needed to finish and all the things I wanted or needed to do. It’s like I was paralyzed due to being overwhelmed. Procrastination was a huge problem.
Part of that had to do with perfectionism, which I thankfully overcame. The other part was just not being able to live in the moment. I think I was always in a state of free floating anxiety, even if there wasn’t anything to be anxious about.
If you have anxiety, are a procrastinator or get overwhelmed when starting projects I want you to know there is a better way.

How to ditch anxiety for good, Lambie & Bellybutton
(Click to read the full original post for some great tips)

Click here to learn more about The Momentum Project.

5 thoughts on “Your Stories I

  1. Here’s something weird. As I was scrolling through WP Reader, I was thinking the exact same sentence as you started this post with: “I love to read blogs as much as I love to keep this one.” As if that wasn’t intriguing enough, I see you quoted and linked back to my blog! Thanks so much for that! I look forward to reading more of your posts. Have a great new year!


    1. I quite enjoy reading your work and there are some very helpful and powerful ideas in there. Glad I got to read and share it. I can see all the work that goes into it from you and really admire your effort. Looking for great things ahead too. Happy New Year!

      Liked by 1 person

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