7 Tips for Focused Motivation

I cannot believe how fast January has just flown by. I was still thinking about whether I want to set resolutions or not. As it turns out, I did not set any but I will never stop reaching for my dreams. It has been such a busy month. There were enough work deadlines scheduled for the start of the new year and being sick for a few weeks was a mental and productivity setback. Well, that all sounds like excuses for why I haven’t had any posts for three weeks but really it has just been a tough place to be in my head and I wasn’t in touch with much motivation or writing. Today, I tried to fight that off…

I am participating in a self-administered program for improving mental health and it feels good when I stick to it. My goal for it is just to stay engaged with the program with commitment and follow through. Only then can I expect any difference. I promise I will do a post on this program soon. I do really like it.

But for now, to avoid the abundance of other distractions, yesterday, I sat myself down to listen to a podcast while working. In reality, the multitasking didn’t work. I was alternating between working and listening. As it turns out, the podcast was quite good so I want to share it with you.

I have been a fan of Pick the Brain for many years. The blog has been a great resource for lifestyle tips and motivation. I went all the way back and listened to their first podcast ever. The discussion starts with what happens between the ears. That really is at the root of everything. A few months ago, I flipped through all the personal development books I have and this is the beginning point in all of them (Enter Head First). Call it by whatever theory or life hack you want, we have to start everything in our minds.

We all have dreams of our ideal life, joys and achievements. Build the detail on those dreams. Be specific about what you want. Then, be more specific about what you need to do get there. Achievable tasks that you can work on with passion. Connect these dreams and tasks to real action in your life.

To do all that, we need to keep ourselves motivated. Here are 7 tips from the podcast on what it takes to stay motivated:

  1. Attitude – make it a positive one. How we view everything that happens to us, can make all the difference in what we do about it. The same event can be seen as a challenge or a setback. Stay away from complaining.
  2. Take ownership – no one can make you feel a certain way except for you. Own your actions and whatever happens to you. Give it your own touch
  3. Erase “i can’t” and the excuses – I believe them and set myself up for failure.
  4. Get off the couch – an object at rest stays at rest. It is science! Move, exercise, get out and connect with nature, try different environments and meet new people. Don’t watch the world pass by and definitely not too much of fictional people living their lives. The best is to find a balance between working hard and preserving yourself from burnout.
  5. Commit. Make a decision – anything worth having is a challenge but stay the course, and you will see motivation increase. Remind yourself why you are doing this and get through the mundance and the difficult steps with hope of a positive outcome.
  6. Do the work – nothing will really change as you want without this. The world cannot spoonfeed my dream to me. Keep up some productivity and the consistency will sustain motivation. Add fuel to your fire by doing something towards your big goal every single day, even if only for a few minutes. This momentum (not a coincidence) is a powerful thing!
  7. Accept the consequences – be the owner of your life and take responsibility for the mistakes you make along the way. Learn from the mistakes and move on. Don’t give these things the power to hold you back.

BONUS TIP from my own thoughts: do not rely on others or external sources to be your primary motivators. You need to maintain the right environment for yourself.

How do you keep yourself motivated and what are the challenges that throw you off course?

The podcast ended with a nice and concise reminder:

Keep moving. Keep thinking. Keep growing.

The post was inspired by the very first podcast episode by Pick the Brain, posted back in 2017. This is a fabulous website for resources, tips, improvements, great books, and much more that we can use in our personal development journeys.

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